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[The Chewing Process…]

Two worlds, one normal, the other, surreal. Imagination requires a playful attitude. Awareness of objects as they manifest themselves in abstract space is not a requirement, it is imperative to the success of prolific madness. Consider the following [potential meals]:

– Springboards require main attractions.
– Gardeners find the beauty in methodological.
– Religion allows for debate, sometimes without arguments.
– Without human consumption, cows would be left to the mercy of the vegetarians.

[…why is it important to eat right?]

Creations are [not] mechanical obsessions that only artists should spend their time perfecting. Creations are boxes in search of junk, not the other way around. [Making] the mistake that businesses can survive by pursuing a policy of (idea or concept) recycling (read: regurgitating mind-numbing vomit) without seriously impacting their bottom line, [often ends up costing them money]. Machines are [ideal] for producing templates.

Humans however, require a stimulating experience – an interplay between senses.

[No panacea here, just lots and lots of imagination…]

Secret formulas do not exist. Fad diets are less innocuous than their creators would like you to believe. If you are looking to hire my time to assist with creating anything that requires the use of language in a focused and targeted way (or otherwise), fair financial compensation may provide the appropriate incentive for my acceptance.

My resume is available here.

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