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Into this world, I welcome a steamship. The sound, the melodic sound is whispering to me. Slow, begin slow. No need to escape into the unknown, just be wise, proceed with foresight, caution tape, and a large sum of vocal chords. Sometimes. Oh, sometimes, and then it kicks in. So delightful, let it guide you. I’m chewing on softness. Sometimes the vibrations can consume the mind numbing pain that my ears interpret on my legal behalf. You, see, you did it again, you interpreted the wrong side for a better one. Searching, methodological power.

a mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by great difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts.


a mental condition in which fantasy dominates over reality, as a symptom of schizophrenia and other disorders.

What fear surrounds the machine that built the citadel without performing another form of a ritual. And then the boycott began, the inside rescinded all contracts, purported to sacrifice and surreptitiously declared another war with the outside. The external. A door begins and bespoke manual contraptions reenter into the ‘gain’ equation. Forgive me, but the solarium awaits me to another side of this world.

– noun Psychiatry

The beginning of spring, economica. Grab another pen, sit down. Define for me, the following four letter words: M ON E Y. Fooled, but that’s the game, the nature of the gastronomic exaggeration. Voltaire once said, forget what Voltaire said, don’t paraphrase, quote as given and please attach all Mr. Potato Head subscriptions to my invoice. Another problem, another solution, and so the chain begins again, back to front, inside to outside, speaking two dimensionally, solutions attempt to reconsider. Small wombats don’t even speak this kind of fallacious language-ness.


|ôˈtistik| |ɔˈtɪstɪk| |ˈɔːˈtɪstɪk| adjective & noun


An introduction to hypothermia is needed. My brain works to consume a hungry batch of ideas, daily. I do not presume you’re incompetent, I know fully well how not to experiment with absentia. This one pathetic and small … I refuse to accept that just because your well paid neurons happen to also distinguish themselves among the non-swimmers, my equally potent prodigious few can also withstand the test of voluptuous consumption. You are equally boring; yes, you, the impossible apothecary of mind-numbing stupor and formidable turpitude in light of your astute denials, speak up. My generosity begs your forgiveness, my apologies yearn after your candour, my parasitic ineptitude mistakenly believe that you are their only ex-. Not even close to walking. Mr. Go get me some chips. Still in fucking spatial disruptions. Cannot crawl well, but can have the ineptitude to want to walk. Perversity imbibes me, from x to y, from x to z, from y to the left quadrant of indulgence without a discretionary warning sign to the weaker probability. This is the feeling that is intended to be transported into your harbour. Acquiescence is only permissible in those instances where your dog’s leash is impregnable. Listen, small infant of sequentially mentioned aforethought, dispatch the largest xylophone you can find between your pecuniary loss and the space between the most important members of your constitution, ethics and membranes that do not inhale when they breathe.

– early 20th cent.: from Greek autos

I feel determined, pre-determined, like a fabricated machination that only performs in code. It’s abysmal, but choice was not in writing and certainly not in contract. It is my agency, my debilitating dyslexia that recommends an otiose remedy to a large brown idealist on Sundays past four perimeter meters. There must exist a beginning attached to this dead end. Hope is present, but fallible and hypersensitive to other personal obstructions of justice. Emergencies are ephemeral and sometimes intransigent (at best). Should is not an attempt but a dependent variable acting in a rash field of magnetic violence. On the other hand, we can only be obsessed with what we can defend; the two points require a place to come and breed and dispel insidious violence and evil desires with a batch of ulteriour motives a la carte. At face value, you are bringing this temporary chaos upon yourself. And that can only be a reassertion of the existence – at the very least – of a chance, a hope, a magnanimity. To persist is noble. Your convictions are well founded, the oracle has confirmed them all to me, your caregiver, your personal concierge with a ‘but’ of ‘butler’ inside; it is a joke, you either feel it or you not only not get it, but you will never get it either. Advance, adapt, Autopoiesis.


– ‘self’ + -ism .

You barely passed the test, but you passed it. You may begin the countdown. You.


Your score, 43/438, equalling 12.356322 and a percentage value of 12.36 – rounding up for error skimming.

– autism |ˈôˌtizəm|

–v&p* //*08


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