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Do you believe that judges, from your own experience or knowledge, purposely although not always explicitly, undertake to create or construct ambiguous, aberrant and anomalous arguments, when establishing their reasons for why a case is to be judged a certain way, so as to promote and encourage the contentious nature of our litigious society with the intent to serve the self-interests, financial or otherwise, of lawyers and those occupying legal positions?

YES/NO? [feel free to comment]


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brain speak, in sentence form

    so the equation starts with an x and ends with a number, a virtual number, a temporary allocation of space

the flare
(c) – teamkonsol

it’s incredibly plain, incredibly vanilla. the fields of green are morose, the mountains of ineptitude, flagrantly bed-ridden. to offend in these instances requires insensitivity, but, finding the opposition in charge with your intellectual beheading is elusive and hardly pragmatic. you may, of course, begin by pedaling across your past in an attempt to clothe your naked misunderstanding that what is innocuous is friendly. other alternatives may also present themselves, all equally feasible but also equally impossible. how can these relationships exist, between foregone conclusions and pastoral and bucolic anomalies? it may be that diversity has impregnated the tempest via a most elaborate form, or tool of the mind, and that now, the specter of hope is flickering away.

    a departure interferes, maybe it had something to do with the light particles that entered during an inappropriate time

bigotry. a man in a white cloak arrives at his place of worship. he enters the establishment confident but rather amused at the arrival of controversy. the emperor signals for his attention. rather pompously, a mistress conducts a search of the person, whereupon it is found and subsequently established, that the weapon of deceit to be used in the search for treason was, as a matter of fact now, catastrophe delivered via an urn of spontaneity. to predict this fantastical situation, but obviously apparent to all the onlookers, would have been impossible, but for the whistle of logic and reason and the music of entitlement. distress materialized but only momentarily. the king, a temperamental person by nature or by other more insidious but historical causes and effects, remained at ease and indifferent.

    the smell of la-la-la-noxious went away

the act of intellectual intercourse, between an elephant a small dog [WOLF DESCENDANT] is deemed impossible. academics in positions of power vociferate against the existence of such anomalous and abstract possibility to such an insistence… no, [OR YES, YES] erase this incoherence. logical impediments should not come into effect, at least not so early in the developmental stage. but i am compelled to forego such considerations, not because my mind desires incoherence, but because this form of creation does not undertake to evaluate or judge the lack ofs. meh. the cat sprints, the ant barks and the lion sneezes. [NO NO NO NO!] in a perfect world, the opposite would be true, but what reality exists devoid of fantasy. incredible, these convictions, absolutely incredible and absolutely [AND, FOR APPLICABILITY’S SAKE – ARBITRARILY] applicable. the dark space that exists between my fingertips and the keys that are currently being stroked so as to allow for the creation of digital letters and subsequently words and sentences, is temporary, elastic [SAID BUT NOT THOUGHT] and fictional but yet equally important and desirable. the foundation of a small army inside a situational construction [OPPOSITE OF DECONSTRUCTION BUT NOT TOTAL DESTRUCTION] reveals the inadequacy of medium-sized pepper balls when confronted with gigantic but magnanimous fruits of anger, greed, malice aforethought, resentment and possibly apathy. i despise your incapacity to make sense, your lackluster record of underperforming and your bucolic attempts at rectifying what you yourself have created using infinitesimally but calculated strategic potions of an acidic and acrimonious nature. an acephalous regime is best suited for this style of ignorance.

    and to think that such, as you see it, had to make sense

the art of three, four, or five. the number of gregarious is none. latent indolence finds you. bag, zip, drive, walk. in time of nine, be with twelve, but forget about one. incredibly talented. you fake, you fake, you are fake. explain this rather complex problem to me, but be careful to forego establishing a solution. bluff, repeat, repeat, reexamine. inside chaos, the weather is moderate but the temperature indicates a permanent state of permafrost. did or did not, do or did, doing or did it. unify your attempts and capture virility, but do not sterilize it, instead, institutionalize it, befriend it. and modify if needed. i am such a slow bug, it makes me depressed. my friends find flying a bore, but i succeed at flapping – often. how incompetent is is for a word so short? you, me, they, us, for president, insulated, imbibed, prescriptions need homes too. why. why not. ugh. patience, patience young delinquent, you will eventually define yourself in the world of temporary incoherence. you want to act, but you do not have a ball to bounce, yet. air, suspended by a particular, accumulated particles, free but pre-determined. a lake. an ocean. four ponds, open mass.

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