the game with three pac [not P+C]

[experimental 1]

The world according to the stars and the moons of world Exponential. Time is timeless, Michael said it. How do you feel about being entertained by forty-four monkeys with hats that look like humans. Speak to me when I am talking to you. You don’t ask questions, you don’t ask questions. Two rules of being i) aggressive and ii) rather random with two other chimps. Let’s continue this discussion with self-self-self plus one. Revoking your expenses is not playing by the rules. You’re fired, you complacent two-headed dinosaur. “What’s next,” says Michael the Chimp from forest Sporadic with flavourless overtones of Confrontational-Adrian…with a dash of FOUR AND A HALF FUCK YOUS.

Exact time, according to Copernicus, 1:31 OM Eastern, 4:11 YM…one second, some plug is speaking his mind…”look at my fucking thumb, look at it,” come on, “LOOK AT MY FUCKING THUMB.” Fucking ‘ell John, Jesus never even thought of that. I’m tired. Oww…who is being so loud…it hurts (and he also wants to add the following eulogy: “Kiss my ass…”) Frankie Wilde-with-a-y, hard a.

Updates: Scary noises, half-dressed-girls walking out, Sebastian walking in. Wait, Seb wants to say something…

…”party like it’s your last minute….” (or, hour, or…)

[caught between philosophers and artists extraordinaire…]

and now, Monkey…

…”I NEED TO ANALYZE(A) FANTASY (AND MY BED) HOCKEY” –> HE’S worse than a plug, he’s a half compromised deck of cards…

The only people in this world who need TVs are Jonsins, Natashas and Margaritas. penis penis (Monkey almost ruined it…). WOOF! – Monkey sneezed. WOOF! — Monkey sneezed again – and – I didn’t say cheers, ‘bless you’ or any of that colloquial parlance. For a dash of Sacha…”Dude, FsIeSbH just went to deb.”

…signed, your favourite AMOEBA.



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2 responses to “the game with three pac [not P+C]

  1. Monkey

    btw, you forgot to mention the monkey extraordinaire (mex). for security reasons i can not disclose his name, but i can tell you he goes by v&p. (yellow) mustard, (canned) tuna, (expired) mayonaisse. mex concocts a tuna and mustard concoctin, while using mustard instead of mayo – dry concoction. mex finds the (expired) mayonaisse not knowing it was expired – and keeps this information from Monkey. he left us out to dry with tuna and mustard while he ate tuna and mayo. thinking he was one step ahead actually set him two back. 1, ate expired mayo and 2, had a hard time sleeping because of the need to explain (with lunges) the reason for this high-machiavellianism maneuver..

    there is a new plug in town – Monkey Extraordinaire aka mex

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