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the day vlad lost ‘it’

first, read the following:

loveland ch 3, 1, 12, 13, 2, 21.

then, after reading 3, 12, 13, 21, rest.

if presented with an opportunity, write.

results may vary, but see below for possible outcomes.

small, stuffy bears. calibration speaks german. i is one of those self-explanatory letters that 99% out of three times will leave you without a dog to walk.

ramble-pie and thirty two have nothing in common but since we’re about trespassing linguistic absolutism, why don’t we also reproach the ‘lack of.’

attitude favours awareness but from what i can observe, it can neither read nor speak. without capacity, we’re stuck in a lala land of confused speculation.

ducks can often break their neck while chasing their own tails. feeding them during this crucial process of self-reflection may lead to severe nausea on the part of the benefactor. interested parties may apply within but only if they have proof of previous vaccination against forewarnings.

slavery of the mind or slavery of the body? i don’t know, but i certainly think one exists. when i was growing up, i did not demand to be ‘nanny-ed’ around. the contrary manifested. i now know that this past allowed for the ingestion of the drug GOOD, thereby preventing me from catching the disease BRAIN-o-DYSFUNCTIONALISM. (if your intent is to patent the aforesaid, i can’t help you).

sufficiency trumps lethargic circumlocution, read: c’est suffit.

vp, the draconian carnivore that ate dog(ma)s for dinner.


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