the human lab

i am an extremely passionate character. when i was asked to enter the labyrinth of life, i acquiesced. later, as i found out that the maze before me had unforeseen complications and challenges but favourable prospects, as communicated to me by those who had traversed the path of ‘proficiency,’ i reminded myself of the warmth and comfort of a better future.

without doubt, i believed everything, i believed it all. i was even told that at the end of this obscure tunnel, i would be met with (ostensibly) gastronomical apothiosises, fine dining and the culmination of cheese perfection, french fromagiers.

if i could fly, i would. if wings were possible, i would turn this struggle into an ideological mission and sacrifice complacency to rebut lies by sacrificing myths. however, i am refused by more pragmatic exigencies. to some, aerial warfare only feels natural. to the warlords of existence, hegemony is a pretext that displaces traditional and crude tools of obedience. repression dominates under a malignant human creation, a fabricated hierarchy of self-interest.

the conundrum continues. i, hungry for the prize, continue to search, continue to fight and continue to create justifications for doing otherwise. i leave behind me a past of broken promises, excuses, failed attempts at rationalizing irrational and promiscuous verbal inconsistencies that fuel my temptation. what lies ahead is a continuation of my past, a renewal of my ignorance. i cannot leave, i cannot stop, and i certainly cannot retrace. my only option is to continue. my only motivator is the breath of a determined evil – a propaganda machine that relies on violence, division, irrationality and confusion to compel subjects to act on their behalf.

the disconcerting element of this entire equation is the relegation of human agency to subservience, by manipulative means, usually undertaken behind closed doors so as to conceal collusion. us vs. them, the continuation of surreptitious machinations, a struggle of existence in a world that denies it.

and if you ask why we ‘fight,’ the answer lacks complexity. we ‘fight’ for our existence. this time however, it is a personal battle with myself, to break ‘typical’ and feed it to the animals who would enjoy it most.


///..iconoclasm reiterated.



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3 responses to “the human lab

  1. sabato

    “i leave behind me a past of broken promises, excuses, failed attempts at rationalizing irrational and promiscuous verbal inconsistencies […]. what lies ahead is a continuation of my past, a renewal of my ignorance. i cannot leave, i cannot stop, and i certainly cannot retrace. my only option is to continue.”

    i absolutely love this part. i always thought about time in terms of the three words forced upon us (i.e. taught): past, present, future. but present and future are words meant to fool us or give us ~hope~ (*angelic voices accompany this word*) because you must consider the fact that we don’t change. we are who we were 10 years ago and that’s who we’ll always be. oh, don’t get all fussy now! of course we get the occasional spicy deviation, to assure us that we can do anything we want, that we are ~free~… but think about it, deep down inside, aren’t you the same confused kid? yeah, now we can parade a secure exterior, throw big words around, we can even get laid easier. but on a lonely night, when you stare into the darkness, when you have stripped away all the words that can define you (philosopher, photographer, etc), when your soul is naked, aren’t you the same?

    this is why i adore the new way of describing time: past and the ‘continuation of the past’. i hate my past too, i despise it. actually, i hate my past self. let’s not get into that. now, by my own definitions, i am forced into accepting my old self…

    interesting way to start the day;) good morning:D

    …and …thanks.

  2. i am glad that you enjoyed reading it!

    as i read your post, i began thinking of new dynamics that may offer further insight into how the ’self’ can only be changed from the outside, never from the inside, by means of external forces. for example, conditions and contexts are in constant flux. we find our(selves) occupying different social landscapes at different times in our lives and with these changing social landscapes, the impressions of our(selves) as they are understood and created by others, change.

    is it plausible that change, the change of our ’self,’ our inner self, the self that only we (us), the owner of this mechanical combination of chemical computations understand, is only possible by means of an external understanding of ourselves, an outside observer passing judgement (feedback)?

    i continue to masticate…on thoughts and ideas…

    your comment(s) fuel an increased desire to continue searching for a better conception of our human condition(s). thank you…!

  3. There will be a day when the chains break and your hands become free. For hundred of centuries, mankind has endured through the bitter rule of the power elite. We have fought their wars, and we have died for them. The poor have prospered when we were told we couldn’t, and at the same time, the power elite pat themselves on the back. They give themselves medals and rewards for a job in which they can not control, nor can they deny. Why should we continue to spill our blood in the name of such incompetence ?

    Those opposed form gangs and clicks. Unknown to them is that the formation of such central control structures only makes it easy for the power elite to rule. In numbers, we are weak. Divided and silent, the poor can and will rule the world.

    What does it mean to be free ? Does it mean that the poor should continue to digress to conformity with the rest of the world ? Should we rid ourselves of a culture which only the poor is responsible in creating? Is it time to define a new culture ? Or is it time to take this fight to a whole new level ?

    Is it time to fight their war ? A war of propaganda and media persuasion ?

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