spoken discomforts

children asking questions because it is easy to do so, because they were raised by parents who answered every question as if they actually knew the answers (never mind whether their answer was correct or otherwise) to every question (since they self-aggrandized to that extent), is a serious concern all interested parties should be aware of. i still cannot sleep certain nights because i am naturally searching for answers to problems that have no solutions, to problems that were never intended to have solutions and to, err, what problems?


for those children, asking the question (the process) is valid and deserves merit. however, they themselves need to be reminded that they too were given cranial real estate and they too can develop that real estate by first thinking and then asking. notice the embedded if statement.

this only reinforces a previously drawn conclusion that has been causing havoc across family units ever since us humans invented language, namely, that parents handicap their offspring.

further examples require equal attention. art for the sake of art is another one of those examples. many ‘creative’ individuals who themselves self-append ‘artist’ to their left breast pocket, as if to communicate to the plebeian world at large that they cannot be bothered with mechanical trifles, criticize efforts to combine art and purpose. my hints are subtle, but do you catch them?

here is a second chance. education for the sake of education is yet further proof that academia has eloped with finance to produce a lovely epiphenomenon entitled, “More Students, Less Content.” to this i add teaching for the sake of teaching, a commonality at many universities charged with ‘watch-dogging.’

in effect, the message is beyond lucid. it is pellucid. the communists will continue to hate me for this pro-individualism rhetoric, however, i find less time concerning myself with this ‘proposed threat’ than i do with asking for further proof of why it is inconsistent and as a result invalid, to remind all that accepting a condition of insatiable complacency will only reproduce more ‘handicaps’ (see above). no apotheosis here. it was not my intention.



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2 responses to “spoken discomforts

  1. Sounds intersting.. I am proud of my tubular borough I have a fresh joke for you) Did you hear that NASA has launched several Holsteins into low earth orbit? It was the herd shot around the world.

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