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when dialogue happens

I’m concerned with one thing and I want you to know about it. Recent conversations with common theorists have produced this unpleasant discrepancy that I feel must be reconciled.

Create a mental picture of a future society, a utopia or if you wish a dystopia. If this is not possible, ask yourself what the distant future will look like, but keep that thought. It’s an experiment, don’t freak out.

We are, as humans, obsessed with forecasting anything and everything. However, we are also obsessed with creating solutions to future problems that may currently only fit into one category, carefully labeled ‘anachronism.’

That ‘thing’ is the act of extrapolating currently understood evil into a future that we are disconnected from, either as a thought experiment or as a way of justifying our love affair and infatuation with irrationality and uncertainty as well as our intrinsic insecurity.

You’re wrong and you are wrong for a very obvious reason. Humans, whether we would like to believe it or not, are dynamic creatures that also happen to be subjected to another process, that we casually happen to call evolution.

Exigencies aside, the future will not be the current stats quo, the current status quo with a manufactured human disaster or the current status quo with a manufactured human disaster plus a randomly occurring externality.

It may be. But it may also not be at the same time. The “OH NO” effect is what happens when we use pity and humility to put our current situation on a pedestal and in a rather condescending and patronizing way, reassert hegemonic, dictatorial and imperialist tendencies.

I cannot yet explain the “OH NO” effect. It happens and it happens way too often.


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