about your author, gentlyused

To most of you, the above button entitled “Author” is probably part of the decor. Anyway, regardless of what I think, I should perhaps introduce myself, if only by providing you with a copy-and-paste of what is already in the “Author” section.

I was born with a disorder: talking too much. When I was two, my superiors bought me a keyboard. I began to shut up. After a while I was told that silence is an awful way to exit a building. So I didn’t look back, make a fuss or trip over any partially-charged electrical chord. I started writing. Now I inconvenience people, angry academics and stick dynamite in people’s blackberries. I’m known, I’m loved and I would like to think that my writing is at least read, if not heard.

Oh, my name is Vlad. I just finished a Specialist in Political Science. Don’t take this at face value, and no, I am not – “So does this mean you’re going to be a politician?” – serious about “getting into” politics. However, my non-stop, twenty four hour “talking” and “writing” may in the distant future, get me there. I leave you to be the judge of that.



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