warrior weekend: exhibit a

why do you hate papers.
i love writing.
i love writing papers.
i love giving academics shit.
for their work.
for the work they spent a lifetime researching.
only to have to put up with this shit after all these years.
shit that may or may not be documented, research, well founded, cogent or valid,
but nonetheless.
it proves a point:
that sometimes,
regardless of whether you research for 30 years or 1 second,
you will inevitably reach different conclusions,
and so as to fuck up the entire food chain,
the same one:
that i’m sick and fucking tired of POMPOUS academics who have been penetrated by nepotism and not meritocracy…
impaled by bigotry and sophism and
not genuine humility.
f you…

the dividing faith

*this will soon end, and i will return to a life of complacency and docility. or maybe i’ll just become a blob, er, blog.


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