the system

i suppose you could eat shit.
if it was sugar coated.
actually wait,
so many people do.
it’s called – let’s ingest human vomit.
i.e. academic idiocy.
but, nobody would eat it raw,
it needs to be processed.
what do we do?
we add sugar.
or, using the lexicon of academia,
we introduce incentives.
oh yeah, they’re called GRADES.
the result?
an ass kissing love affair.
between the trigger-happy tyrant.
and the dumb student.
great minds, WHAT future?
Me and the System
*as usual, i always say that i’m going to burn buildings, slash tires and rape academia. but i end up dressing up in a suit, buying a coffee, and explicating in politically correct terms why i want a better grade. this is the system.


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