spot of a dot

I am now a dot. Like this . A black hole. Volatile and infinitely dark. I don’t need an explanation, not to feel better about it. Feel how cold it is inside this dot, space is boundless, you can bathe your thoughts in this hostile yet humble and possibly honest environment. Who needs colour, when you live inside a dot? Better yet, when you ARE a dot.

All day today I felt like a dot, an invisible cloud of fury encased in a body of precisely oriented and programmed alien matter. I am losing my surroundings. No, they are not losing me, I am losing them. Forget about it all, just close your eyes, and become the dot. Be one with the dot, embrace the calming nothingness. Who needs drugs?

Most today pretend to be |||||h.u.g.e||||| flamboyant objects, but that just obfuscates things. I just want to be a dot, and today my dream came true. Not only that, I really like it. Why be an empty giant-1000, when you can fly unnoticed, absorbing nothing but bliss and filtering out mind numbing noise. Keep me going dot, keep me going. I need you now.

Reaching for my cup of tea I take a look into I n f I n I t y, and I like what I see. Truth, tragedy and broken promises all embrace me. But this time, I am free, no more a casualty of what I once thought of as beauty. There is not such thing as perceptions, emotions, or flamboyant congestions. Just me and my theories, looking through the spyglass of insanity.







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