rational vs. irrational obsessions ++ universal misery

Do you remember that time when you were a kid when you and your brother(s)/sister(s) were just itching to start a fight over meaningless and completely irrational events? Yeah, I do. And you know what? Nothing has changed since then. In the grown up adult world, the gears move in much the same fashion, notwithstanding history, experience or for that matter old age intuition.

Maybe it is my latest overenthousiastic reading spree that has rendered me captive to offsprings of my own design, but I beg to differ, I beg to defend the grounds for my emancipation. Humans seem to be obsessed with the idea that the irrational can be justified using the rational. Now I know you just gasped (!) from reading that line. Don’t you lie, don’t you try to cover your tracks, I know. Why, my question is, why…

World War I, World War II, World War X to the Nth exponent for that matter. Everything is or was to some degree a “world” war, we just restrict our definitions to two such events. So what is it about this phenomenon that has got me running up and down the motorway screaming at the top of my lungs and uttering total nonsense for oncoming motorists to hear and hopefully swerve out of the way?

When a situation is presented to someone, he or she feels it is absolutely necessary to formulate a conceptualized position or take a stance be it for or against. I don’t believe in fence sitting, it’s impossible. Humans cannot be mechanisms of apolitical substance. Bollocks. Now if you agree or disagree with that particular idea or, more importantly still, the particular way it was framed, is not important whatsoever. What is, from what I’m trying to figure out, has to do with the way in which you accept that position. Now, the assumption I’m going to make here is that we’re all logical beings, and yeah we find some reason to believe rationality is involved at some stage of the game. But what about if something is irrational, or, for that matter, goes against the grain (insert other euphemisms here, like morality/values/tradition/mores etc.).

Here is the example. Nazi Germany. Euthanasia. Terminally ill were being lethally injected, premeditated injections, in order to recover economic “deadweight losses.” It was shown/proven that the amount of $ going into the life sustaining operations of these terminally ill patients in their last 2 or 3 weeks alive was of gigantic proportions, towering over the aggregate expenses incurred over the lifespan of a patient’s hospital stay/visit.

Life is without a doubt not even remotely linked with what dictates a more prefered economic outcome. It’s beyond that. Sanctity of life is not to be proven here, by any means it is understood to be rational. But, here’s the catch. In the case of the aforementioned example, this irrational behaviour was rationalized. It was thus rational to pursue these domestic policies in order to “save” funds and create opportunities.

Again, why?

I’m led to believe that everything that is irrational has enough potential to be rationalized (i.e. formulated) and custom tailord (i.e. propaganda) to best allow for a general acceptance of its implementation. Are humans that self-interested? I see Hobbes coming from under the sheets here, peeking his ugly (I’m sure he wasn’t a Paris runway model) head and saying . Hmm. Maybe during times of crisis, of desperation, or in this case, general hysteria – the unfolding of a great depression, human instinct has the capacity to turn to self-interest in order to protect and ensure survival. This capacity is blind, and possibly, lacks the capacity to be rational or rationalize. Accepting rational responses to irrational ideals may be one thing. Another may be the incapability to be free; in this case, the Hegelian ability to have a will – to will to be free – since behaviour is immediately linked to natural desires for subsistance.

Ok so it all may be total blabbering on my part. The waxing of the political/rhetoric organ. I’m just trying to justify the irrational using some mozaic of rational concepts. A collage, if I may of ideas.

One doesn’t have to step too far out of the Western sphere of political quagmire to see these very same phenomenons being reborn. Africa, the Middle East, Asia (to some extent) etc. Denying humans access to means that secure their body and person and beyond – can lead to some disasterous effects, I need not mention the ways in which manifested – use your own imagination.



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