ignorance: the new credit

Walter Lippmann and Edward Bernays. Why. Why them, why tonight. Oh, I got myself in trouble with this one. Ok so off the bat, you don’t know who these two hooligans are. Apparently you were wrong to assume that they were the latest British soccer victims. Wrong, and wrong again.

W’re talking about propaganda, the forefathers of. Me doing a research paper on artificial value creation and its surprising correlation to various media and media outlets has nothing to do with this post. I lied.

The Ministry of Information, set up in Britain during the Great War (WWI, for those of you who aren’t well versed in history, or versed at all for that matter), was to be the inflection point to the war. Britain won because it was able to manufacture powerful enough propaganda to send over across the pond to the Americans for a hope that they would somehow find their natural driven instinct for pity and come help out old Europe. Hmm…Hitler was surprised, he had somehow understood that symbol manipulation for propaganda purposes was not only effective, but beyond politically feasible – it was a basis for his totalitarian system.

Back to media, or wait, where were we – ah yes, propaganda and value creation (artificial value). It’s not an unknown fact that the media is owned by oligarchs. Consolidation and convergence of both industry wide ownership as well as agenda-setting policies are all common-knowledge; who doesn’t know this de facto tid bit?

I can easily go on about how it isn’t democratically sound or healthy to continue to adapt everything to capital and capitalistic economics (and models). Property and property ownership benefits the few elite. Ramblings and rhetoric – political theory, often times is driven by the unquenched thirst to define, prime and frame what has been called “manufacturing consent.” The state, in Canada at least, and without a source to help support this argument, neo-conservatism worldwide is slowly being manifested as an efficiency driven propaganda stunt. This drive for faster, more efficient, more productive, doing “more with less,” is taking over. Why is it that I don’t like what I smell – it’s because the haves from the have nots are becoming even more polarized; the state cannot be run the same way a 1990s corporate raider seeks-and-destroys.

At the root of all this, be it media, propaganda, statecraft, political theory, consent, tacit or otherwise, manufactured or otherwise is something else, taking on a deeper meaning.


Have you seen it around lately? It’s everywhere. Humans are desperately trying to become more and more ignorant, as if it is their sole mission in life to look like Paris Hilton, dress like Roberto himself and drink the “ice” Jay Z finds himself flaunting around in his lyrics. No, who are we kidding, we have a whole school (called an academic institution) geared towards reinforcing this very “culture.” It’s called University of Western Ontario, but that’s another matter, plus, it’s not alone.

We, i.e. the human race, just don’t give a f*ck anymore. Oh yeah, I should’ve spelled FUCK like this: fcuk, maybe then I would’ve caught the attention of a couple trend whores carousing what I call a blog.

I don’t need to define anything for you, the reader. The corporate monster, i.e. the property owner has all the weapons deemed necessary to make its tyrannical will fell natural, albeit superimposed. Law and legal systems are enabling, and we all know the many “boogey-monster-in-the-closet” stories of business ethics. Media perpetuates, propaganda legitimates. Symbiosis.

There is a small caveat. (That makes me thing of caveat emptor, but I need not get into SECTION 4 of the buyer/consumer protection act etc.) Capital is useless without labour. In the strict sense, many theorists acknowledged this, and if not to at least raise praise to Machiavelli, it is sufficient to say, they were pointing out a great danger as well as great virtue in the system. But, again, we fall back into the same trap…IGNORANCE – a tyrant we like is a monarch, again, theory. When we’re unaware that we are born in changes (see Rousseau), what difference does it make that progress is not cyclical and human history is not and does not have to be a repeating algorithm.

Feel free to look around yourself, and also inside yourself (you’ll need a flashlight, it’s difficult to see in the dark) for signs of ignorance, and ask yourself, hmm…Do we accept the status quo, or do we try to understand its flaws and imperfections, if not only to realize that the system is failproof and not set in stone (that is a law of induction, from what math I do remember – not much).

Communism, the Cold War and terrorism just to name a few, are catch phrases that at some point in time, be it past or recent, internalized our fears about the unknown – the power of nightmares (even a good documentary by that name – if you’re ever in the mood). We now have system, THE system, capitalism as the only possible way to set up our scarce resources, and sadly, it’s slowly killing us and our environment. Those who reap the benefits are few in number, and unless you haven’t already noticed, will be gone themselves within a lifetime – leaving behind the remnants of greed, sloth, and a few pints of ale – who knew calamity would originate in the gentleman’s club?

We’ve been warned by many in the past, and oh, democracy is just a wolf in sheep’s clothing…Although I’m more inclined to believe, this time around, the wolf just turned into a hungry lion.


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