Idle, Tidal and Fortuity

I fell back into darkness. No. This time there is no temporal distinction between what was in the past and what may have been the unfortunate circumstance of current affairs. Regardless. I am starting to overcome my weakness for sub-saharan marsupials. If not for my intransigence, I would have understood intelligence to be but a mirage of unment expectations, aspirations and broken dreams. People think you fuel fire with wood but they don’t understand thermodynamics. Oxygen is imperative. Incomplete sentences do not allow you to go to law school. Neither should incomplete thoughts. I am compelled to continue.

How does it feel to be suspended in an abstraction? Rather unconvincing. Pragmatism is more than an forethought. It builds cities and feeds generations. So on to the substance of this anithetical piece. Is irrational supposed to be met with rationalism? Sometimes. I don’t quite understand myself sometimes either. Why is it that certain things remain logical and cogent as if to refrain from stimulating my animalistic instinct, while others self invite themselves to a dinner part of cynical univariate mormons? Such is a human’s way of carrying his or her burden. It starts with irrational, becomes rational and some times without any previous notice it turns into impossible. Take any normative load for example. Why do you find it worth your while to accept it? Why do you subscribe and entertain empty methodologies when in essence they are mere means and their ends are constant throughout? Why? I have no answers.

I have questions. Do you believe a “social contract” means anything for example? Do you really believe in contracts as being legally binding and legally enforceable? Rubbish. Personal interests are protected as long as the two negotiating parties coincide in terms of the derived benefit that is to be the outcome of such dynamics. Why enter into a contract if not for that particular purpose. All things have an expirty date. Contracts have them, human life is bound to end and to skip through the filler and reach my conclusion…so do human relationships. Myths however do find the time to occupy our human minds for extended periods. Who am I to judge? Leave it open. I did. Next time someone decides to subject me to a social contract or a relationship whereby only bilateral agreements may dismiss the very foundation on which that relationship was built, spare me the ensuing debacle and send me straight to an insane asylum. I don’t carry a noose on my neck by choice and why should you be the one responsible for not only adding it, but tightening too. In the name of what? Social dynamics and human relationships are so frail, fragile and precarious that it makes no sense investing or in layman’s terms betting all your chips on one hand. Unless you’re willing to bluff. And then, again, you may get caught sooner or later.

I’m exhausted from imperialist and colonialist advocacy. West wants South. West wants East. West wants North. What else is new? What happened to laissez-faire and bottom-up ideology? Colonialism did not end, it is being reasserted. This time our justification is human-rights legislation and jus-cogens concepts of human equity, equality and pro-life fairness. Let’s be serious. I’m mad. And you’re sane. Castles, sand and sunshine are irrelevant.


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