asymmetric unity

“It has been some time, my darling. I betrayed your love. Sleepless nights spent seducing and entertaining a more blasphemous and incredibly incompetent whore, certainly didn’t deserve my company. With tears in my eyes, I apologise.

Now I’m sitting here, talking myself into not believing my gross miscalculations; I can only hope there is such a thing as a “redemption song.” Bob, smoke a J for your brother. The conspicuous eruptions of malnurished verbose ebb and flow. I am fighting to restrain whatever is left of my willpower. Chains are like thorns, creeping under my skin, exposing fresh blood with an uncanny ability.

Stumped, duped, retaliation for the sake of revenge feels sick; dysentery. Blinded by the torpidoes of darkness, my eyes fall into a trancendetal state of rage, fire and glowing iron chains. Purpose is replaced by expediency. The drugs wear off, efficacy disolves in a glass of translucent evil. Can I finally execute…bitterness. Fallacy I do not accept, falling I do not practice, forbidden disillusionment. Carry through the joy. I am sorry, I am awake, I am ready, I am yours to take.

Use me at your pleasure, discard me at your leisure, it no longer matters. I am now a machine, an object, a complicated web of instructions debased and in short-circuit. Seldom voraciousness, I lie not. How can I, when all I’ve got is our love to conduct. Weakness overtakes me, please don’t feel pitty.

Any time now, any time. Hemlock define, hemlock rewind, hemlock importune devine.

I pass into the realm of complex and abstract thoughts of the mind.

Adios, mortal fiend.”

– Vlad

P.S. Well, I know the above may sound slightly shocking and will I doubt it not, impose upon me a slightly higher rating than your average PG. I will not contest or resist. Perhaps it is what it deserves. Outside matters of administration, I have taken a more passively active role in blogging lately. If you haven’t notice, or if you are just confused by the terminology, let me explain. You see, I let my feelings do the talking. Whatever I write about does not have a particularly uni-origin behaviour. The creature takes shape more like a Picasso painting. It’s a collage. The sources are varied but the end result still manages to have a multi-application scope. Call it my experiment. I am satisfied with the way it is going so far, I think this may segway into more abstract insanity, but for now, we’ll just “laissz-faire” the whole approach.


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