A return. Starstruck, engulfed, supra-orgasmic complex body structures. A mirage of unmet promises and flagrant nonchalant-isms. Ah, coy and overt perversions. Academia. Direction calls for descriptive. General. Broad overtly generalized mush, dedicated to pastoral leaders in mosh-pit societies.


Pulled in by an internal desire to criticize, revisonistic ghosts fail to be exorcised. I return to a primordial understanding of knowledge. Beneath the exemplary facade falls, through the imperial cracks, history. Knowledge follows. A hollow void, cold, unmoved, eternally lifeless.

Suppress dexterity and replace immortality with gregarious charicature-type puppets. Exogenious.

I know, I don’t know. An interplay of isms and charismatic proposals. Efficacy trumped. They wanted me to ridicule deviant observers of devious foresight. Crass. Power-struggles and deficient based bulimia. Nuclear fetishes supressed by regional underground sloth, greed, and pragmatic alternatives. Jesus. Madness.

Short story, long story, 70s.

I reply, cowards.


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