A Letter to the Board

Dear Life,

Cruelty. Why must such element of forward looking anxiety and retrospective torture must be so onerous. I cannot be a victim any longer. I cannot bear the consequences of such uncertainty. If chaos is unacceptable, and risk aversion an anomaly, I can only begin to contemplate the more rational division between the desired outcomes and those opposite such manifestation, randomness. To call for help would be an absurdity. An answer allocated to bringing back logic would fail. In light of facetiousness and tongue-in-cheek rhetoric, power stands to corrupt absolutely.

Of course. I am the one complaining. Tyranny is both absolute and arbitrary. Guesswork and guesstimating is incredibly fruitful in circumstances of fortuitous indifference. Let’s not prevent what was never to begin with, preventable. I’m curious, however, as to why some find it necessary to confine rationality with a method akin to circumscribing cattle in a barn. Animal rights are one thing. Human rights are another. Same ends, same means. What is so unusual about equating the two on equal planes. Anachronistic and antiquities concepts of slavery, while prima facie innocuous, when further unpacked, contextualize in a highly noxious and particularly degrading corollary.

Some get it, others don’t. Last night I ate some Tofu that must have contained an “upset stomach” ingredient. Protein intake aside, the run was fantastic. Forty-five minutes of relentless passion. Exotica. Tonight, encore. Subliminal afterthoughts flood my cranium. I’m left with a surge of red blood cells, bottlenecking my comprehension of space-perception alongside my other neurotic condition, inter alia, insanity. I’m mad.

I leave you with no more than this. I ask you no more than this. I expect a response that will be, again, no more than this. Why?


An unhappy customer


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